Christmas & New Year in Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands

Christmas & New Year in Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands

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This epic 21-day adventure takes you across the depths of the Drake Passage to the awe-inspiring Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Celebrate Christmas and the new year on the Great White Continent, retracing the path forged by Ernest Shackleton. Explore areas known for their plentiful wildlife with an expert expedition team, seeking out penguin rookeries, scouting for seals along the coast and (if the weather behaves) heading out by Zodiac in search of minke whales, orcas and more. Travel on a vessel with comfortable living quarters and wellness services and enjoy a comprehensive lecture program during your journey.

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Christmas & New Year in Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands
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  • Celebrate the festive season and start the new year in Antarctica – there’s nothing like toasting with a glass of champagne and views of icebergs and white mountains!
  • Travel during the height of Antarctic summer when the days get longer, the skies are most likely to be clear and wildflowers begin to bloom.
  • This expedition hits three major Antarctic hotspots – the Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands – maximising chances of spotting wildlife and exploring diverse polar landscapes.
  • We carbon-offset all our trips, serve only sustainable seafood, avoid single-use plastics and more to help preserve Antarctica (and the world) for future generations.
  • Among our experienced crew are experts in marine biology, glaciology and Antarctic history, and they’ll share their knowledge throughout the journey in a comprehensive lecture program.


No two Polar voyages are the same and this is part of the excitement of travelling in these remote regions. Weather, ice conditions and wildlife will all affect where your ship is able to access, and most importantly, where your Expedition Team think you will get the best possible experience from your trip. On board, daily updates are given to advise what the specific itinerary will be for the next day based on local conditions. Published itineraries cannot be guaranteed but an amazing voyage full of adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is guaranteed.

Day 1 - Ushuaia
Welcome to the port city of Ushuaia for the start of your Antarctic adventure. Upon arrival you will be transferred to the hotel and settle in before meeting your fellow travellers. If you’re arriving earlier there are plenty of activities to choose from. Visit Tierra del Fuego National Park on a full day’s adventure, or perhaps take a walk around town, visiting the waterfront overlooking the Beagle Channel. The Museo Maritimo (Maritime Museum), housed in an old prison, will give you a sense of the city’s history, or enjoy a delectable combination of Argentinean wine and steak at a local restaurant.
Day 2 - Ushuaia – Embarkation Day
You will have some time this morning to shop for any last-minute items and take a final look around town before departing in the afternoon. This afternoon, take an included transfer from your hotel to the port and board the Ocean Endeavour. Meet your expert crew and take a tour of the amenities and services available on the ship. In the evening, set off through the Beagle Channel and towards the legendary Drake Passage. Join your shipmates and meet the polar crew this evening for drinks and a Captain’s Welcome.
Day 3-4 - Drake Passage
The next few days are spent at sea, crossing the infamous Drake Passage. Get to know your team of polar experts as they share in-depth knowledge into the Great White Continent and its wildlife, history and geology so you can gain a greater understanding and be prepared for exploration off board. Depending on weather conditions, take some time on deck to spot Antarctic wildlife such as whales, dolphins or perhaps albatross and other seabirds such as prions and petrels. The polar crew is familiar with the wildlife that inhabit these parts and are there to help point out any approaching marine life.
Day 5-9 - Antarctic Peninsula
Set your eyes on the incredible terrain of the world’s most southern land. Welcome to the Antarctic Peninsula! Spend the next few days exploring on Zodiac boat rides and onshore excursions across a number of potential landing sites. No two days on any expedition are the same, and landing sites are subject to change depending on the elements and potential wildlife-spotting opportunities, but our expert expedition crew will make sure each day is memorable. If you’re interested in kayaking or any other optional extras, please see the Special Information field below. While on the vessel you can enjoy nature presentations and documentary screenings or you can make the most of the wellness spa, heated pool and sauna, library and gym. You’ll celebrate Christmas day during your time on the Antarctic Peninsula, which makes for a white Christmas in the truest sense!
Day 10-11 - At Sea
Continue following Shackleton’s route across the ocean to South Georgia. Life on board the Ocean Endeavour is a very different experience to that of the explorers at the start of the 20th century. Perhaps take this time to study in the library, take a yoga class or simply watch the ocean go by.
Day 12-15 - South Georgia
Over the next few days, explore the island of South Georgia, once the homestead of whalers and isolated explorers but now a protected area with dedicated Antarctic research teams. Over the next few days, you’ll explore a variety of landing sites and areas around South Georgia. While exact excursions can’t be guaranteed due to weather and other conditions, potential visits include the largest king penguin rookery on South Georgia, the old whaling settlement of Grytviken and Drygalski Fjord.
Day 16-17 - At Sea
Leave South Georgia and chart a course for the Falkland Islands. From the deck, scan the horizon for seabirds and other wildlife. Prepare for the Falklands by attending the onboard presentation highlighting the dramatic history and wildlife encounters that await.
Day 18-19 - Falkland Islands
The two main islands (East Falkland and West Falkland) have much to offer and provide a rare opportunity to witness the biological diversity, extraordinary scenery and history of the southern islands. The Falklands have the largest black-browed albatross colony in the world and five species of penguin breed on the islands (gentoo, king, macaroni, magellanic and rockhopper). Potential landing sites on the Falkland Islands include the capital of Port Stanley – located on East Falkland Island, penguin breeding grounds and West Point Island.
Day 20 - At Sea
Cruise towards Ushuaia with time to reflect on the spectacular scenery and the multitude of wildlife you've encountered during the voyage, as well as on the endeavours of legendary explorers like Shackleton.
Day 21 - Ushuaia – Disembarkation Day
Disembark in Ushuaia after breakfast and enjoy an airport transfer included in your ticket price.

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