The Best of New Zealand (Le Laperouse)

The Best of New Zealand (Le Laperouse)

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Discover New Zealand, a unique destination with a multitude of natural treasures.

Set sail aboard Le Lapérouse for a 10-day cruise from Auckland to Dunedin.

From Tauranga, you will be able to explore many treasures: volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, rivers and gorges, and lakes that range in colour from deep blue to orange-tinged.

You will also sail to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. This ancient site of the Maori people, as demonstrated by the Te Papa Tongarewa museum, perfectly combines local traditions and bustling nightlife.

In New Zealand’s south-west, on the South Island, Le Lapérouse will cruise to the heart of a park with landscapes shaped by successive glaciations. You will discover Dusky Sound, Doubtful Sound and the well-known Milford Sound − three fiords bordered by majestic cliffs.

Surrounded by the blue waters of the Pacific, the twin islands of New Zealand are the promise of an incredible mosaic of contrasting panoramas.

Trip Name
The Best of New Zealand (Le Laperouse)
Vessel Type: Luxury Length: 127 metres Passenger Capacity: 92 cabins Built: 2017/2018 Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed cabins, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge areas that open onto the outside, this new limited-capacity yacht boasting just 92 cabins and suites will offer you a truly unique cruising experience. Aboard this ship that flies the French flag, you will experience the incomparable pleasure of an intimate cruise, with the possibility of exploring an ever-increasing range of destinations in an ethnic-chic ambiance with luxury service. Experience a luxurious setting where the accent is on authenticity and passion for travel. RESTAURANTS As it is an essential part of French culture, gastronomy will naturally have pride of place aboard this new ship. Through its two restaurants, Le Lapérouse will invite you on a journey to elegance and epicureanism. In a relaxed atmosphere, a first dining area located on Deck 3 and able to seat 70 will serve grilled meats daily, along with a variety of salads and desserts. To the back of Deck 4, you will find a 260 m² panoramic restaurant which can accommodate all of our passengers in a single sitting. Designed differently to that on our other ships, this dining area, which opens onto the outside, will have a buffet of salads, desserts and cheeses at your disposal. Our discreet and attentive crew will provide table service for hot meals. PUBLIC AREAS Like Le Boréal and its sisterships, Le Lapérouse has many common areas that are designed and equipped to meet all of your needs while preserving the intimacy of each passenger. A 140 m² reception area includes: A reception/concierge desk, An excursions desk, The ship’s administrative services, The sales office, manned by our Guest Relations Officer, Our 50 m² boutique which sells clothing, jewellery, beauty products, postcards and various accessories, Toilets accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. A new hydraulic platform with adjustable height provides: Easier boarding than on any other cruise ship, Easier Zodiac embarkation and disembarkation for expeditions, Easier access to the sea for swimming and practising various water sports such as kayaking or paddle-boarding. A pool deck offering: A pool with a panoramic view, equipped with a counter-current swimming system, A pleasant solarium, An outdoor bar and lounge with armchairs and sofas. A 200 m² main lounge which can accommodate all of our passengers to share convivial moments and to host activities organised during the day or evening. Lastly, a theatre that seats 188, equipped with: The latest sound and lighting technology, A LED wall as the stage backdrop, for the projection of high-resolution images and videos.


Day 1 - Day 1 - AUCKLAND
Auckland is New Zealandメs largest, most populated and busiest city. Located on an isthmus linking the peninsula of Northland to the expansive North Island, it seems to float between land and sea. It is one of ᅠthe few cities in the world to have two separate harbours ヨ Manukau Harbour on the Tasman Sea and Waitemata Harbour on the Pacific Ocean. Youメll understand why Auckland is known as モthe city of sailsヤ when you see the forest of masts in the marina. The 328 metre-high Sky Tower offers splendid views of the city. Surrounded by dormant volcanoes such as Mt Eden, Auckland is noted for its abundant nature and magnificent black-sand beaches. A blend of Maori, European and Asian cultures give the city a vibrant atmosphere.
Day 2 - Day 2 - TAURANGA
Located to the north of Rotorua, Tauranga stretches the length of the Bay of Plenty, sheltered from the ocean by the island of Matakana. This coastal city boasts a flourishing economy thanks to its port, and is a pleasant and pretty town with a peaceful, relaxed feel. The seafront area is contemporary and lively, dotted with cafés and restaurants. The town centre reveals more picturesque charms, while the surrounding area is packed full of natural delights. Travel on to the town of Rotorua to visit the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland: a fantastic opportunity to experience an absolutely exceptional geothermal phenomenon.
Day 3 - Day 3 - WHITE ISLAND
Located in the Bay of Plenty, White Island is an active volcano which has been built up by continuous volcanic activity over the past 150,000 years. It is possible to walk inside the main crater and experience nature's immense power, as gas and steam burst up from far below the Earth's crust. The smell of sulphur and the noise of steam emanating from the many fumaroles makes for an amazing sensory experience. The island has also been identified as an important bird area because of its breeding colony of Australasian Gannets. Depending on the level of volcanic activity and sea state, guests will have the opportunity to land on White Island and take a guided walking tour through the crater and around the ruins of the old sulphur mine.
Day 4 - Day 4 - NAPIER
On the east coast of North Island, south of Hawke’s Bay, you’ll find Napier. Mostly destroyed by an earthquake in 1931, reviving from its ashes in less than two years, it grew into a magnificent Art Deco style city, very in-vogue at the time. With its pure lines mixed with traditional Maori designs, the singular New Zealand character of this city will intrigue you. You’ll discover all this extraordinary architectural heritage as you take a stroll the city. Wine lovers will be able to taste some of the best wines from the region, which is famous for its vineyards.
Day 5 - Day 5 - WELLINGTON
Crowned with gentle green hills, Wellington harbour is located in the far south of North Island. This city offers a charming pell-mell of traditional and modern cultures, bestowing on the New Zealand capital, a unique atmosphere, at once friendly and avant-guard. Where some sites, like the large National Te Papa Tongarewa museum, reflect the city’s Maori past, others, like the many cafés and restaurants, affirm the inhabitants’ incredible lust for life.
Day 6 - Day 6 - PICTON
A must-see entry point to South Island, Picton is a little coastal town girded by gentle hills, located on the south side of the Queen Charlotte inlet. The cafés and restaurants which border the charming waterfront give a very lovely view of the fjord. You can also decide to get some height above sea level, and walk in the surrounding areas. However, Picton is above all an opportunity to explore the unique Marlborough fjords. This interweave of submerged valleys, making numerous different navigable routes, are among the most beautiful natural wonders of New Zealand.
Day 7 - Day 7 - AT SEA
Milford Sound fjord is among one of the most beautiful natural sites in New Zealand. So much beauty will quite simply take your breath away. Located on the south-west coast of South Island, in the Fiorldland National Park, this sumptuous inlet carved out by glaciers advances over at least 15 kilometres inland, in the Southern Alps. Majestic cliffs seem to surge out of the dark waters, rising several hundred metres high: an abrupt relief from where impressive waterfalls cascade.
Day 10 - Day 10 - DUNEDIN
Located to the East of New Zealand’s South Island, the Victorian city of Dunedin blends natural beauty and a fascinating cultural history. Surrounded by spectacular hills at the foot of a long port, this city is part of the Otago Peninsula, a long strip of volcanic land shaped like a finger and displaying sumptuous undulating landscapes. Do not miss your chance to visit the Royal Albatross Center in Taiaroa Head, and to discover the tip of the peninsula, home to rare native animal species such as the blue penguins or the yellow- eyed penguins. Aboard a train, cross the fertile lands of the Taieri Gorge, famous for its sheer cliffs and spectacular ravines, as well as its railway, built by the first pioneers along the roughest of terrain.
Day 11 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $7,130Deluxe Stateroom
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $21,670Grand Deluxe Suite
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $22,780Owner's Suite
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $8,070Prestige Stateroom Deck 4
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $8,510Prestige Stateroom Deck 5
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $8,980Prestige Stateroom Deck 6
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $12,840Deluxe Suite
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $17,740Prestige Suite Deck 5
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $18,650Prestige Suite Deck 6
21-03-202030-03-2020AUD $19,630Privilege Suite


    • Discover sublime New Zealand landscapes with exceptional diversity.
    • Sail in New Zealand’s fjords, listed with UNESCO.
    • A call at Picton, in the Marlborough region, famous for its vineyards and its submerged valleys.
    • Meet the Maori people, brave warriors with ancestral traditions and customs.
    • In Wellington, discover the Te Papa Tongarewa museum.
    • A lecturer passionate by New Zealand history will be on board.