Canadian Arctic Express: The Heart of the Northwest Passage

Canadian Arctic Express: The Heart of the Northwest Passage

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This nine-day voyage takes you deep into the Canadian Arctic to explore the polar wilderness. A dedicated crew will attend to all of your needs, taking into account weather and ice conditions and preparing the very best journey through parts of the Northwest Passage. Search for musk oxen and polar bears among the icy landscapes in places like Arctic Bay, Beechey Island and Croker Bay, and embark on incredible helicopter experiences and optional kayaking adventures. With an included charter flight from Toronto and an expert crew of local guides, academics and scientists leading the way, discover the heart of Canada’s far-northern reaches on an expedition to remember.

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Canadian Arctic Express: The Heart of the Northwest Passage
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  • Set sail on the Northwest Passage bound for some of the most remote parts of the Arctic, with possible landings in Lancaster Sound, the Bellot Strait and Port Leopold Island.
  • Take advantage of your vessel’s twin-engine helicopter fleet with opportunities to see the rugged Arctic land and seascapes from above, and the potential to land in areas otherwise inaccessible.
  • Appreciate the Arctic’s icy wilderness as you gaze out of your ultra-modern stateroom, cruising by icebergs, ancient glaciers, granite mountains and fields of tundra.
  • Join an expert expedition crew presenting a comprehensive lecture program on board, and venture on Zodiac cruises and immersive shore landings in search of caribou, polar bears and narwhals.
  • Explore the Nanavut region with Inuit guides to learn about communities that have called these environments home for thousands of years.


Polar travel requires an amount of flexibility as weather, ice conditions and wildlife can all affect where your ship is able to access, and where your Expedition Team think you will get the best experience possible from your trip. On board, daily updates are given to advise what the specific itinerary will be for the next day based on local conditions. Published itineraries are subject to change when local conditions dictate.

Day 1 - Toronto
Arrive at your leisure in Toronto and make your way to the pre-expedition accommodation, located near Toronto Airport. There will be a welcome letter will be waiting for you, outlining the details of your included charter flight to the remote hamlet of Resolute tomorrow. This evening you will also have the opportunity to ask a representative any questions you may have about your expedition. Otherwise, today and this evening are free for you to explore Toronto.
Day 2 - Resolute – Embarkation Day
This morning take an included group transfer to the airport and board a charter flight bound for Resolute. You may have some time to explore this northern hamlet before boarding your vessel via Zodiac boat or helicopter in the afternoon. Once on board, relax into your stateroom and check out the facilities that are on offer, which include restaurant, bar and lounge areas, a spa, fitness centre and sauna.
Day 3-7 - Canadian High Arctic
The next five days are dedicated to exploring parts of the remote Northwest Passage in search of desolate landscapes, rare wildlife and remote polar communities. You might spot a musk ox lumbering across frozen tundra, see a whale breaching as you watch from the deck or take a tour of a tiny settlement with an Inuit local. Along the way, your expert crew will present a series of lectures and seminars designed to equip you with the best knowledge to fully appreciate this region, as well as joining you during your Zodiac cruises and shore landings. While the itinerary is not set, your crew will be working each day to ensure the highest chance of wildlife-spotting and getting you to the most desirable locations. Weather permitting, take the chance to head out on a scenic helicopter flight in one of the ship’s two twin-engine aircraft, either sightseeing or to remote landing sites which would otherwise be inaccessible. Sky high in a helicopter, cruising past towering icebergs in a Zodiac or savouring the view from your private balcony – you’ll see the Canadian Arctic from all angles.
Day 8 - Resolute – Disembarkation Day – Toronto
Bid your expedition crew a warm farewell as you disembark and transfer to Resolute Airport for your included flight back to Toronto. Upon arrival in Toronto, transfer with your group to your post-expedition accommodation and choose either to relax or explore the city further.
Day 9 - Toronto
With no activities or accommodation booked for today, your expedition comes to an end. You are free to leave at any time, provided you comply with the hotel’s internal check-out policy.

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