From Goose Bay to Kangerlussuaq Cruise

From Goose Bay to Kangerlussuaq Cruise

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Some natural beauties can only be reached by sea: the stunning wilderness of North America, one of the world’s most famous straits and the icy coast of the Inuit.

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From Goose Bay to Kangerlussuaq Cruise
Vessel Type: Five-star expedition ship Length: 138 meters Passenger Capacity: 230 (199 for Antarctic expeditions and cruises around Spitsbergen) Built: 2017 Explore the Ship: * More open deck space than on any other expedition ship * Glass balconies: Float over the ocean with perfect views when watching whales and dolphins, for example * Observation Deck and Lounge: The terraced Observation Deck offers the best views as well as permanently mounted binoculars. Located one deck lower, the Observation Lounge brings the excitement indoors with its 180-degree panoramic view * Bow tour: The new deck track at the bow puts you in the front row for wildlife sightings. * Marina: The marina is the convenient starting point for a variety of warmwater sports – kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkelling equipment are available for you to use Cabins & Suites: * An ocean view with even more: exclusively outside cabins and suites, almost all with balconies or French balconies * Grand Suites with a private veranda * Spaciously designed – enjoy a relaxing stay in rooms from 21 m² (226 ft²) up to 71 m² (764 ft²) in size * Exceptionally equipped – for example, with binoculars, Nordic Walking poles, air conditioning, coffee machine and mini bar (free of charge) * Separable beds in all cabins and suites * Heated wall in bathroom (e.g. for towels and wet parkas) Culinary: * Main restaurant: A relaxed atmosphere at any time of day – from breakfast to dinner, inspired by the region. * Speciality restaurants: The speciality restaurant on the HANSEATIC inspiration will take you on a culinary voyage of discovery: explore exquisite Japanese creations and Peru’s modern and fashionable cooking. Explore new culinary highlights of the North American east coast on the HANSEATIC nature. * Bistro Restaurant: Eat under an open sky. The Bistro Restaurant offers 84 indoor and around 100 outdoor seats. * Bars: spend the evening relaxing with a glass of wine in the Observation Lounge or the HanseAtrium. Fitness & Wellness: * Spa area: Our new ships offer professional partial- and full-body massages, classic cosmetic treatments, a hairdresser and treatments for your hands and feet. The Finnish sauna with an ocean view and the steam sauna are the perfect end to every expedition. * Pool area/bar: Thanks to its flexible canopy, the pool area with bar can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Water loungers and a counter-current system offer pure relaxation. * Fitness area: The fitness area, which has been expanded significantly to around 100 m² / 1,076 ft², features up-to-date equipment, a separate course room and an incomparable ocean view. Knowledge On Board: * HanseAtrium: The central HanseAtrium can be used for many different activities; its cutting-edge technology makes it suitable for presentations and expert lectures as well as intensive precaps and recaps. In the evening, the HanseAtrium is transformed into an atmospheric bar where you can see out the day and reflect on your experiences. * Ocean Academy: The Ocean Academy allows you to experience science however you desire. You can use the large media wall and interactive poster to display fascinating information on a wide range of disciplines whenever you like.


Day 1 - Day 1 Charter flight to Goose Bay/Canada
Goose Bay/Canada, departure 19.00 hrs What a fantastic start: for the first time in the history of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, an expedition begins right in the heart of Labrador, in Goose Bay. After that, there’s only one way to go: north. Breathtaking landscapes shape Canada’s most easterly province.
Day 2 - Day 2 Relaxation at sea
Day 3 - Days 3 - 5 Labrador (Torngat Mountains National Park, Button Islands)
In a region difficult to reach by land, the sea will take you to the heart of this remote wilderness. Watch as northern Labrador’s magnificent mountains rise up before you, and feel your pioneering spirit soar. Striking peaks, deep fjords, rugged coastlines: Torngat Mountains National Park paints a picture of the Ice Age, its traces found in moraines and scree fields. Enjoy flexible expedition days with Zodiac rides and hikes in the habitat of Arctic foxes and black bears. The Button Islands are also new terrain for the HANSEATIC inspiration. Depending on the conditions, explore the seldom-visited home of seabirds and whales from a Zodiac or from ashore.
Day 4 - Days 6 - 7 Expedition days in the Hudson Strait  (weather and ice permitting)
The famous Hudson Strait boasts of a climate and landscape that encompasses all the elements: ice, fog, sunshine, vast mountain foothills and deep-blue water. First described by Englishman Sir Martin Frobisher in 1578, it was named after Henry Hudson, who travelled through the strait to the bay of the same name in 1610.
Day 5 - Day 8 Monumental Island
A region where musk oxen and reindeer outnumber people. A region that the HANSEATIC inspiration will take time to explore. What will await you there? The feeling of isolation is emphasised on Monumental Island where – with a little luck – you will spot some walruses. These natural beauties on the edge of the Arctic will set the tone for a world even further north.
Day 6 - Day 9 Relaxation at sea
Day 7 - Days 10 - 14 Western coast of Greenland  (fjords of Greenland, Qeqertarsuaq, Ilulissat, Disko Bay, Sisimiut)
Welcome to the land of extremes! Greenland, the world’s largest island, greets you with impressive scenic contrasts. As the HANSEATIC inspiration travels past white and azure-blue ice formations, rocky landscapes and tundra reveal themselves with small Inuit settlements, adding splashes of colour to the vast expanse. When whales cross your path or bizarre icebergs gleam in the sunlight, the captain and officers will spontaneously change course. Unforgettable encounters are certain – not just on hikes and in the Zodiacs, but also on the open deck spaces and the glass balconies. This intensity and flexibility also shapes your explorations of the fjords of Greenland. The calm waters reflect majestic mountains set against a vast sky. The fjords visited by the HANSEATIC inspiration will be decided on the day – emphasising the expeditionary nature of this cruise. Qeqertarsuaq welcomes you with its picturesque natural harbour and a whalebone gateway leading to a world of colourful houses, kayaks and huskies. Meanwhile, Ilulissat reveals its dazzling charm: a hike to the ice fjord takes you to the old settlement of Sermermiut before presenting fantastic views of bizarre icebergs. The Jakobshavn Glacier, which flows into the fjord, is the world’s fastest and most active glacier – and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When the HANSEATIC inspiration cruises through Disko Bay or you take a ride in a Zodiac, you will become witness to almost surreal scenes. Prepare yourself for breathtaking moments with glittering ice sculptures drifting slowly through the water. The colourful houses of Sisimiut, founded at the end of the 18th century as a missionary and trading post, provide a contrast to the blue of the ice. A walking tour with your experts will introduce you to the city’s colonial-era centre, perhaps the region’s most beautiful historic centre. The colourful ensemble of buildings includes a church, merchant houses and an Inuit house – enter through a typical gateway made from a whale jawbone. Your expedition may end here, but these vivid memories will stay with you for years to come.
Day 8 - Day 15 Kangerlussuaq/Greenland
Arrival 6.00 hrs Charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Germany
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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    • Expedition Labrador, Hudson Strait and Greenland with Disko Bay
    • Arctic highlights in the polar summer