Haida Gwaii – British Columbia Catamaran Cruise

Haida Gwaii – British Columbia Catamaran Cruise

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Embark on an eight day Haida Gwaii tour that explores both modern day Haida Gwaii communities (Graham Island) and ancient historical sights in Gwaii Haanas (Moresby Island and south). Enjoy the first day and a half on a land-based tour led by a local expert, then join the good ship Cascadia for days of cruising and adventure as your Haida Gwaii tour continues south into Gwaii Haanas.

Trip Name
Haida Gwaii - British Columbia Catamaran Cruise
Vessel Type: Catamaran Passenger Capacity: 24 Length: 138 ft / 42 m Built/Refurbished: 2007/2018/2019 Cascadia is a go-anywhere, expedition style catamaran. She accommodates up to 24 guests in 12 luxurious cabins, with a crew of 10. She is unlike any other vessel offering expeditions on the British Columbia coast, having been built specifically for high-quality, boutique cruises. Light, spacious and comfortable, she is also capable of reaching the wildest, most naturally rich places on the coast. Her small size and guest numbers provide an authentic, human-scale experience that respects the carrying capacity of coastal inlets and communities. Ship And Accommodations Find comfort and solitude in your private cabin or enjoy time in any of the interior or outdoor lounges, or the “open” bridge. Cascadia’s large windows bring the outside in, and her separate dining area becomes a sophisticated “long table” event for meals. Her decks are wide and welcoming, with seating areas on different levels. Salon Large windows surround the salon making it a perfect place to look for whales while staying protected, chat with other guests while lounging on our comfortable sofas, or enjoy a beverage from the nearby bar. Dining Area Enjoy our chefs’ fine west-coast influenced creations while watching the sun go down. Sit and discuss your day’s adventure with your captain, afloat in a remote natural anchorage. Terrace Lounge And Dining Area Dine alfresco on temperate evenings, lounge with your morning coffee, or watch the world go by during the day. This area is the perfect mix of outside and inside. Bridge of Cascadia Cascadia’s bridge is open to you. You’ll have 180-degree views from here, along with being able to learn about navigation and the vessel systems from our crew. On the port side, you may also enjoy our indoor-outdoor loveseat. You can watch the world go by from behind a protective window, but still have quick access to the fresh air and the deck for whale watching. Top Deck & Hot Tub Lounge on a chaise, soak under the stars, or enjoy the bird’s eye view of the ship and the world around her from Cascadia’s new top deck. Cabins All cabins have individual climate control, wardrobes and an outside location, with windows for natural light. All have ensuites. All are ‘outside’ cabins, with windows for natural light.  Kayaks, Shore Boats, Naturalist Tools Cascadia has 6 double and 2 single kayaks for paddling in coves and bays, as well as two beautiful landing craft style tenders, custom designed for our program. She carries a suite of tools for exploring the natural world, including a hydrophone for listening to whales. Her library contains books on the cultural history and nature of the BC and Alaska coast.


Day 1 - Day 1 Vancouver
Meet at Vancouver airport for flight to Haida Gwaii. Tour kickoff, land-based tour of Graham Island. Welcome dinner and lodge accommodation.
Day 2 - Day 2 Tlell, Skidegate, Haida Heritage Centre
Tlell, Skidegate, Haida Heritage Centre at KAAY LLNAGAAY, board ship, orientation, cruising into the southern half of the Haida Gwaii tour – Gwaii Haanas, whale watching, island anchorage and explore ashore.
Day 3 - Day 3 Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
Head south to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. T’aanuu village site, K’iid Xyangs K’iidaay (Burnaby Narrows) for some of the planet’s densest intertidal life, kayaking, cruising.
Day 4 - Day 4 SGang Gwaay, Rose Harbour
Seabirds viewing, UNESCO World Heritage Site visit, SGang Gwaay (Ninstints), offshore islets, Rose Harbour visit.
Day 5 - Day 5 Cruising
Cruising, rainforest walk, possible bears.
Day 6 - Day 6 Juan Perez Sound
Sailing Juan Perez Sound, whale watching, visit seabird researchers at seabird colony.
Day 7 - Day 7 Windy Bay
Windy Bay cultural heritage site, whale watching, K’uuna (Skedans) village site.
Day 8 - Day 8 Cumshewa Inlet
Cruising to Moresby Camp in Cumshewa Inlet and transfer to Sandspit airport.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Note that as with all expedition cruises, the itinerary may change based on weather, wildlife activity, and interests of the guests. This itinerary is to give you a general idea of the trip. Flights from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii and return are included with this itinerary.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
02-05-202409-05-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
02-05-202409-05-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
02-05-202409-05-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
09-05-202416-05-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
09-05-202416-05-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
09-05-202416-05-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
16-05-202423-05-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
16-05-202423-05-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
16-05-202423-05-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
23-05-202430-05-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
23-05-202430-05-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
23-05-202430-05-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
31-05-202407-06-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
31-05-202407-06-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
31-05-202407-06-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
07-06-202415-06-2024CAD $14,250Category 1
07-06-202415-06-2024CAD $16,540Category 2
07-06-202415-06-2024CAD $18,840Category 3
07-06-202415-06-2024CAD $0Haida Gwaii With Canadian Geographic - 9 Day Voyage
15-06-202422-06-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
15-06-202422-06-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
15-06-202422-06-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
22-06-202429-06-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
22-06-202429-06-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
22-06-202429-06-2024CAD $16,470Category 3
30-06-202407-07-2024CAD $12,460Category 1
30-06-202407-07-2024CAD $14,460Category 2
30-06-202407-07-2024CAD $16,470Category 3


    • Comprehensive Haida Gwaii Exploration: Experience an eight-day tour that combines modern Haida Gwaii communities on Graham Island with ancient historical sites in Gwaii Haanas on Moresby Island, offering a well-rounded adventure.
    • Land and Sea Adventure: Begin with a land-based tour led by a local expert and then transition to the MV Cascadia for days of cruising and exploration in the pristine wilderness of Gwaii Haanas.