Alaska’s Glacier Bay & Island Adventure – Small Ship Alaska Cruise

Alaska’s Glacier Bay & Island Adventure – Small Ship Alaska Cruise

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Journey through Southeast Alaska’s most abundant wildlife areas and stunning glacial fjords on our 7-night, 8-day Alaska’s Glacier Bay and Island Adventure. Kayak, hike, and explore by skiff in wilderness bays, Frederick Sound, and other remote destinations. Experience local Southeast Alaska culture in a rarely visited Native village and charming fishing town. You’ll disembark having explored the True Alaska few travelers get to experience.

Trip Name
Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure - Small Ship Alaska Cruise
Vessel Type: Expedition Motor Catamaran Length: 35 meters Passenger Capacity: 40 (in twin cabins) Built / Refurbished: 1980 / 2011 At 104 feet in length, the Alaskan Dream’s innovative, streamlined catamaran design allows the vessel to easily navigate narrow channels and passages. All cabins feature extra-large viewing windows. The Vista View lounge faces forward with the same view as the captain, affording spectacular views of the scenery, ports, and wildlife along the way.


Day 1 - Day 1 - Sitka
Welcome to beautiful Sitka—the only community in Southeast Alaska that faces the open ocean waters of the Gulf of Alaska. We encourage you to arrive early and explore the community’s rich culture, history, and biodiversity. Then embark for the winding narrows north of town while searching for bald eagles, sea otters, bears, whales, and other wildlife.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Kake and Frederick Sound
View the world’s tallest totem pole, a carving demonstration, and experience the inspiring culture of the Tlingit in the Alaska Native village of Kake. Later, explore the Alaska wilderness in picturesque Frederick Sound—an area humpback whales and other wildlife frequent. Humpbacks are famous for behavior that lends itself to incredible viewing and photography, such as tail lobbing, lunge feeding, pectoral slapping, breaching, and graceful dives that showcase their massive flukes. Other opportunities for in-depth exploration may include the protected waters or shores of Security Bay, Skanax Bay, Pybus Bay, and The Brothers islands.
Day 3 - Day 3 - Wrangell
Home to a little over 2,000 permanent residents, Wrangell is the only town in Alaska to have been under the jurisdiction of three flags and ruled by four nations- the Tlingit, Russia, England, and the United States. Enjoy several options to explore this colorful history, including a guided tour and a trip to the Wrangell Museum. Visit the intriguing state historic park, Petroglyph Beach, which contains the highest concentration of petroglyphs in Southeast Alaska.There is also an optional opportunity to board a high-speed jet boat and navigate through a maze of glistening icebergs en route to the LeConte Glacier. This excursion is available at an additional cost and is dependent on space/permits.
Day 4 - Day 4 - Petersburg & Wilderness Exploration
Discover the charming Mitkof Island fishing town of Petersburg. Founded by Norwegian fishermen in the late 1800s, Petersburg is nicknamed Alaska’s “Little Norway.” Experience this Scandinavian culture with a folk-dance show by local youth at the iconic Sons of Norway Hall. Later, explore the Alaska wilderness on the eastern side of Frederick Sound. Your Captain and expedition team will choose an exciting activity based on the day’s circumstances and weather. Options may include trekking ashore, kayaking, or wildlife viewing in the sound.
Day 5 - Day 5 - Tracy Arm Fjord & Orca Point Lodge
Journey through Tracy or Endicott Arm in the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness, a place the famous naturalist, John Muir, referred to as, “A wild, unfinished Yosemite.” Renowned for its glaciers, pristine waterfalls, towering icebergs, abundant harbor seals, and granite cliffs that rise from sea level to 4,000 feet, this wilderness is often referred to by locals as one of the most scenic areas in the state.End the day’s adventure with a relaxing evening at Orca Point Lodge—our own exclusive day-lodge on Colt Island. Enjoy the beautiful grounds, beach, and marine life touch-tank. Dine on wild Alaska salmon, Alaska crab*, or prime rib from the warmth of the lodge, or nestled next to a beachside bonfire.*Subject to local processor availability
Day 6 - Day 6 - Glacier Bay National Park
This remarkable national park fjord extends 65 miles, contains tidewater glaciers, and provides pristine habitat for a wide array of wildlife, including both brown and black bears, wolves, mountain goats, Steller sea lions, and humpback whales. The highlight for many is the Margerie Glacier, which has been known for its dramatic calving displays. Enjoy a stop at Bartlett Cove for an evening rainforest walk and Huna Tribal House visit or kayak paddle.
Day 7 - Day 7 - lisianski Inlet & Pelican
Transit Lisianski Inlet, a narrow body of water between Yakobi Island and Chichagof Island. These islands are home to dense populations of coastal brown bears and other Alaska wildlife species. Explore the unique boardwalk “road” of Pelican, Alaska during a port call to this small fishing community of just 60 to 70 year-round residents.
Day 8 - Day 8 - Juneau
Disembark in Alaska's capital city of Juneau. Transfer to the airport or your hotel is complimentary.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

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23-06-202430-06-2024USD $4,895Category AA
23-06-202430-06-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
23-06-202430-06-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
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07-07-202414-07-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
07-07-202414-07-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
07-07-202414-07-2024USD $6,995Vista View
14-07-202421-07-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
14-07-202421-07-2024USD $6,995Vista View
14-07-202421-07-2024USD $4,895Category AA
14-07-202421-07-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
21-07-202428-07-2024USD $4,895Category AA
21-07-202428-07-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
21-07-202428-07-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
21-07-202428-07-2024USD $6,995Vista View
28-07-202404-08-2024USD $4,895Category AA
28-07-202404-08-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
28-07-202404-08-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
28-07-202404-08-2024USD $6,995Vista View
04-08-202411-08-2024USD $4,695Category AA
04-08-202411-08-2024USD $5,395Category AAA
04-08-202411-08-2024USD $6,795Vista View
04-08-202411-08-2024USD $6,995Owner's Suite
11-08-202418-08-2024USD $4,895Category AA
11-08-202418-08-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
11-08-202418-08-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
11-08-202418-08-2024USD $6,995Vista View
18-08-202425-08-2024USD $4,895Category AA
18-08-202425-08-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
18-08-202425-08-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
18-08-202425-08-2024USD $6,995Vista View
25-08-202401-09-2024USD $4,895Category AA
25-08-202401-09-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
25-08-202401-09-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
25-08-202401-09-2024USD $6,995Vista View
01-09-202408-09-2024USD $4,895Category AA
01-09-202408-09-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
01-09-202408-09-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
01-09-202408-09-2024USD $6,995Vista View
08-09-202415-09-2024USD $4,895Category AA
08-09-202415-09-2024USD $5,495Category AAA
08-09-202415-09-2024USD $6,895Owner's Suite
08-09-202415-09-2024USD $6,995Vista View
11-05-202518-05-2025USD $5,495Category AA
11-05-202518-05-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
11-05-202518-05-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
11-05-202518-05-2025USD $7,995Vista View
18-05-202525-05-2025USD $5,495Category AA
18-05-202525-05-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
18-05-202525-05-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
18-05-202525-05-2025USD $7,995Vista View
25-05-202501-06-2025USD $5,495Category AA
25-05-202501-06-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
25-05-202501-06-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
25-05-202501-06-2025USD $7,995Vista View
01-06-202508-06-2025USD $5,495Category AA
01-06-202508-06-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
01-06-202508-06-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
01-06-202508-06-2025USD $7,995Vista View
22-06-202529-06-2025USD $5,495Category AA
22-06-202529-06-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
22-06-202529-06-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
22-06-202529-06-2025USD $7,995Vista View
29-06-202506-07-2025USD $5,495Category AA
29-06-202506-07-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
29-06-202506-07-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
29-06-202506-07-2025USD $7,995Vista View
13-07-202520-07-2025USD $5,495Category AA
13-07-202520-07-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
13-07-202520-07-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
13-07-202520-07-2025USD $7,995Vista View
20-07-202527-07-2025USD $5,495Category AA
20-07-202527-07-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
20-07-202527-07-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
20-07-202527-07-2025USD $7,995Vista View
27-07-202503-08-2025USD $5,495Category AA
27-07-202503-08-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
27-07-202503-08-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
27-07-202503-08-2025USD $7,995Vista View
03-08-202510-08-2025USD $5,495Category AA
03-08-202510-08-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
03-08-202510-08-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
03-08-202510-08-2025USD $7,995Vista View
10-08-202517-08-2025USD $5,495Category AA
10-08-202517-08-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
10-08-202517-08-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
10-08-202517-08-2025USD $7,995Vista View
31-08-202507-09-2025USD $5,495Category AA
31-08-202507-09-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
31-08-202507-09-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
31-08-202507-09-2025USD $7,995Vista View
07-09-202514-09-2025USD $5,495Category AA
07-09-202514-09-2025USD $5,995Category AAA
07-09-202514-09-2025USD $7,495Owner's Suite
07-09-202514-09-2025USD $7,995Vista View


    • Native village of Kake
    • Visit the intriguing state historic park of Petroglyph Beach and Petersburg
    • Enjoy trekking in Thomas Bay
    • Spend a relaxing evening at Orca Point Lodge
    • Visit Glacier Bay National Park