Hiking and Backpacking Canyonlands National Park

Hiking and Backpacking Canyonlands National Park

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Reconnect with nature on this 5-day trekking trip through the southeastern district of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. With nothing but desert, sandstone and shrubbery all around you, this is the perfect trip for those looking to leave civilisation behind and recharge underneath a blanket of stars. Take daily hikes through running creeks and riparian vegetation unique to the area and discover some of the most incredible sandstone landscapes along the way. Spot distinctive sandstone arches such as Angel Arch and Crescent Arch and even see some ancient ruins of cave dwellings and granaries – an echo of the past Native American Puebloan people. If you’re in need of a digital detox, refuel with some campground stories, deserted canyon treks and a healthy dose of isolation.

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Hiking and Backpacking Canyonlands National Park
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  • Hike the remote wilderness of Canyonlands National Park with a small group and embark on daily walks and treks through the unique landscape.
  • Sleep under an incredible blanket of stars every night and enjoy reconnecting to nature – this is a backpacking and camping trip, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get back to basics.
  • Walk in the steps of the Native American Puebloan people and witness some of their ancient granaries and cave-dwelling ruins.
  • Discover huge sandstone cliffs, arches and canyons in different shades of red, brown, yellow and rust.
  • Take the trail less travelled to Angel Arch – a natural sandstone wonder rarely seen, due to its secluded location.


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