Wild California Escape: Channel Islands National Park

Wild California Escape: Channel Islands National Park

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Embark on an unprecedented five-day expedition into wildness and wellness in the remote and remarkable Channel Islands. Step aboard in Los Angeles and sail to three of the five wildlife-rich islands that make up Channel Islands National Park, plus Catalina Island. Dayboats can take you to a single island to hike or camp, but a true in-depth exploration of the Channel Islands on our nimble ships (with comfy staterooms) is a unique offering and the only way to take in the full natural splendor of this extraordinary national park. It is akin to a safari camp in Africa—comfortable, in the heart of things, yet mobile. Everything you want is aboard—paddleboards, kayaks, and Zodiacs; a welcoming crew; smart naturalists; a wellness specialist; and a certified photo instructor. You’ll actively explore unmarred landscapes, revel in pure nature, and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul with our well-being programs.

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Wild California Escape: Channel Islands National Park
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 72 metres Passenger Capacity: 100 guests (in 50 cabins) Built: 2017 Designed with decades of expedition experience in the region, National Geographic Quest more than comfortably accommodates 100 guests in 50 cabins. Her twin expedition craft landing platform allow us to rapidly get on and off the ship to take advantage of wildlife sightings and to ensure we maximize our time off the ship exploring. Created with a shallow draft, Quest draws only nine feet of water allowing her to sail into places where much larger ships cannot go. PUBLIC AREAS: Global gallery; fitness centre; LEXspa; lounge with full service bar and facilities for films and presentations; observation deck; mudroom with lockers for expedition gear, and a partially covered sundeck with chairs and tables. Our ‘open bridge’ provides guests an opportunity to meet our officers and captain and learn about navigation. MEALS: Served in single seatings with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling. Breakfast is a wide selection buffet and dinner is served family-style. Menu emphasises local fare. CABINS: All cabins face outside with windows or portholes, private facilities and climate controls. Some cabins have balconies. EXPEDITION EQUIPMENT: Expedition landing craft, a fleet of 24 kayaks, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), hydrophone, splashcam, underwater video camera, video microscope, snorkelling gear for all guests (where applicable). SPECIAL FEATURES: Guest internet access, elevator, National Geographic certified photo instructor, a video chronicler and undersea specialist. WELLNESS: The vessel is staffed by a Wellness Specialist and features a gym with an elliptical machine, treadmill, exercycles, handweights and resistance bands. Treatments in the LEXspa are available by appointment.


Day 1 - DAY 1: Los Angeles, CA / Embark
Arrive in Los Angeles, or toss your bag in your car if you live there, and head to the Port of Los Angeles in the afternoon to be welcomed aboard. Familiarize yourself with the ship, stow your stuff, and take in the sights on the ship’s deck. We’ll embark in the early evening—where you'll meet the team and settle in for the days ahead! (D)
Day 2 - DAY 2: Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands, Channel Islands National Park
Wake to the ship at anchor off the rocky outcropping of East Anacapa Island. Join your fitness instructor on the sundeck for morning yoga before heeding the call of the breakfast buffet. After breakfast, join naturalists aboard our Zodiacs to go ashore on East Anacapa. The goal is the Anacapa Lighthouse, built in 1932, the last major light station to be built on the West Coast. Soak in the views from Inspiration Point or, for a more relaxing option, explore Arch Rock via Zodiac. (B,L,D)
Day 3 - DAY 3: Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park
Kick-start your morning with a stretch class before breakfast. Weather permitting, go kayaking, hike one of the many trails, or simply relax ashore. With luck, we may catch a glimpse—or photo—of the elusive fox species endemic to the island. Join the naturalists for a more strenuous hike out to the base of the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, which contains what is considered one of the world's rarest pines and is one of only two naturally occurring groves in the world. End the day with a sunset cocktail party. (B,L,D)
Day 4 - DAY 4: Catalina Island
Spend the day discovering the colorful history and natural wonders of Catalina Island. Once a haunt of smugglers and gold-diggers, the island was transformed into a resort destination by chewing gum tycoon William Wrigley, Jr. in the 1920s. Some 50 years later, William’s heirs, Philip K. Wrigley and Dorothy Wrigley Offield, established the Catalina Island Conservancy, protecting nearly 90 percent of the island. After a morning workout on deck followed by breakfast, meet a conservancy member to learn about their work on the island before heading out on the trail for spectacular views of the coastline and the Catalina backcountry. With luck, catch a glimpse of the elusive bison herd that have resided on Catalina Island since 1924. Head for the water to kayak or stand-up paddleboard.Return to the ship for a farewell dinner and a last evening at sea under the stars. (B,L,D)
Day 5 - DAY 5: Los Angeles / Disembark
Awake dockside in the bustling Port of Los Angeles (early risers can catch the action in one of the world’s largest ports). Enjoy a final breakfast on board before disembarking and either transferring to the airport or heading to your car or Uber—refreshed by your getaway—to the clang and clamor of contemporary life. (B)
Day 6 - Please Note:
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23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $4,340Category 1
23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $5,330Category 2
23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $6,150Category 3
23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $6,490Category 1 Single
23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $6,820Category 4
23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $7,640Category 5
23-04-202427-04-2024AUD $8,000Category 2 Single
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $6,490Category 1 Single
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $6,820Category 4
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $7,640Category 5
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $8,000Category 2 Single
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $4,340Category 1
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $5,330Category 2
27-04-202401-05-2024AUD $6,150Category 3
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $4,340Category 1
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $5,380Category 2
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $6,220Category 3
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $6,490Category 1 Solo
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $6,890Category 4
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $7,720Category 5 Suite
26-10-202430-10-2024AUD $8,080Category 2 Solo
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $4,340Category 1
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $5,380Category 2
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $6,220Category 3
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $6,490Category 1 Solo
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $6,890Category 4
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $7,720Category 5 Suite
30-10-202403-11-2024AUD $8,080Category 2 Solo
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $4,340Category 1
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $5,380Category 2
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $6,220Category 3
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $6,490Category 1 Solo
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $6,890Category 4
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $7,720Category 5 Suite
03-11-202407-11-2024AUD $8,080Category 2 Solo
28-04-202502-05-2025AUD $4,100Category 1
28-04-202502-05-2025AUD $5,040Category 2
28-04-202502-05-2025AUD $5,830Category 3
28-04-202502-05-2025AUD $6,460Category 4
28-04-202502-05-2025AUD $7,240Category 5
02-05-202506-05-2025AUD $4,100Category 1
02-05-202506-05-2025AUD $5,040Category 2
02-05-202506-05-2025AUD $5,830Category 3
02-05-202506-05-2025AUD $6,460Category 4
02-05-202506-05-2025AUD $7,240Category 5
23-10-202527-10-2025AUD $4,470Category 1
23-10-202527-10-2025AUD $5,540Category 2
23-10-202527-10-2025AUD $6,400Category 3
23-10-202527-10-2025AUD $7,100Category 4
23-10-202527-10-2025AUD $7,950Category 5 Suite
27-10-202531-10-2025AUD $4,470Category 1
27-10-202531-10-2025AUD $5,540Category 2
27-10-202531-10-2025AUD $6,400Category 3
27-10-202531-10-2025AUD $7,100Category 4
27-10-202531-10-2025AUD $7,950Category 5 Suite
31-10-202504-11-2025AUD $4,470Category 1
31-10-202504-11-2025AUD $5,540Category 2
31-10-202504-11-2025AUD $6,400Category 3
31-10-202504-11-2025AUD $7,100Category 4
31-10-202504-11-2025AUD $7,950Category 5 Suite


    • Explore the islands by walking miles of trails, paddling crystal-clear waters by kayak or stand-up paddleboard, exploring by Zodiac, or photographing breathtaking landscapes and bird colonies
    • Hike in a Torrey Pine grove, one of only two on Earth, and enjoy a picnic lunch with sweeping views of the natural harbor
    • See iconic animals such as the American bison, bald eagles, and the Channel Island fox
    • Visit the famous community of Avalon, a haven for movie stars in Hollywood’s golden era