Antarctic Express – Cruise South, Fly North Expedition

Antarctic Express – Cruise South, Fly North Expedition

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Revel in the excitement of crossing the famed Drake Passage after embarking from Ushuaia, with the convenience of a northbound return flight at the end of your expedition. Minke and humpback whales or Adélie penguins floating on ice floes may greet you as you pass, enroute to the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.
The surreal silence in this vast wilderness may at first overwhelm, but playful, charismatic wildlife and your intrepid traveling companions keep you grounded. You’ll develop a new appreciation and understanding of Antarctica’s extreme contrasts – harsh, rugged mountain peaks and fragile ecosystems; stark, lonely icescapes and populous, gregarious penguins.

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Antarctic Express - Cruise South, Fly North Expedition
Vessel Type: Polar Expedition Length: 342 ft (104.4 m) Passenger Capacity: 138 Built: 2021 Ocean Explorer, the newest addition to our fleet, is modern, elegant and purpose-built for polar exploration. The 138-passenger vessel has been designed with the latest in expedition ship technology. One of the ship’s key features is the ULSTEIN X-BOW®, a marine engineering innovation that ensures a comfortable and smooth sailing experience thanks to the inverted bow. Located at the bow is the two-story, light-filled library, which introduces a welcome airiness to the expedition ship.   Spacious cabins feature a modern, bespoke Scandinavian design and almost all have verandas. Guests can relax and find comfort in the spacious gym, sauna with large windows, and two outdoor Jacuzzis.   Ocean Explorer features ample outdoor viewing areas and multi-height outer decks, which are ideal for long-view photography and wildlife viewing. The vessel is equipped with a fleet of 15 Zodiacs that enable guests to get off the ship quickly and safely for off-ship adventures. In addition to the well-appointed and spacious public areas, Ocean Explorer has an industry-leading mix of sustainability systems, including fuel-efficient Rolls Royce engines.  Two Story Library Light-filled interior library—at the bow of the ship— allows guests to sit and relax indoors while taking in the surrounding polar landscapes from their choice of two levels. Leading Edge Sustainability With the latest sustainability technology in polar expedition, the ship features fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engines and the ground-breaking MAGS gasification system that converts waste into energy, eliminating the environmental impact of waste transportation. ULSTEIN X-Bow In addition to forming the double-story library, the innovative X-Bow design ensures calm, energy-efficient sailing in rough waters. High Observation Outdoor Decks Observation areas on Decks 7 and 8 allow for higher, longer-view landscape photography while contending with less sea spray. Quiet and Comfortable Spacious and luxurious cabins ensure your quiet ambience with no sound disturbance from adjoining cabins—and almost all cabins feature a balcony for outdoor viewing. Stunning Interior Design Each interior element was carefully hand-picked by designers for you to enjoy, from the dramatic two-story forward lounge, the floor-to-ceiling glass refuge in the library, to the grand fixtures and luxe furnishings throughout the ship. Main Dining Room Contemporary meets cozy in this modern dining room with its stylish lighting and contemporary art. Located on Deck 5, the Main Dining Room seats 144 guests, and features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the spectacular polar wilderness. Private Dining Room Tasteful and intimate. This stylish, private dining room on deck 5 provides a relaxed dining experience—with views of the polar landscape—for up to 36 guests. The Latitude Bar A popular social hub on Deck 5, the beautifully-lit Latitude Bar—with its lush sofas and faux marble-topped end tables—is large enough to seat 46 and is ideal for enjoying a quiet drink on your own or hanging out with friends. Library Located on Deck 6 at the top of the gorgeous atrium staircase, this beautiful Library with floor-to-ceiling glass, accommodates up to 47 people Dry Sauna After a day of exciting off-ship adventure, guests can relax on the sauna’s traditional wood benches while gazing at the polar wilderness just outside the large sauna windows. Accommodates 15 people on Deck 7. Fitness Center Stay fit with the latest work-out equipment in the Fitness Center on Deck 7. Jacuzzis Two outdoor Jacuzzis on deck 7, at the ship’s stern, mean you can relax alfresco while soaking up the breath-taking polar views. Observation Lounge This stylish lounge at the top of the ship guarantees incredible views. Guests also frequent this spacious lookout on Deck 8 to enjoy cocktails and conversation with fellow travelers. Seats 63.


Day 1 - Day 1 Ushuaia, Argentina
 This quaint city at the southernmost tip of South America is your gateway to Antarctica. The city itself provides a wide range of jewelry shops, cafés, gear shops and restaurants to explore before your voyage. Outside the city, snow-capped mountains and hiking in Tierra del Fuego National Park offer ample adventure activities if you enjoy exploring nature.
Day 2 - Day 2 Embarkation Day
 You will embark in the afternoon, with a journey through the picturesque Beagle Channel. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and be out on deck, as the channel is home to a wide variety of wildlife including seabirds and seals. Rainbows are common here too, creating a great photographic opportunity to kick off the start to your Antarctic adventure.
Day 3 - Days 3 and 4 Crossing the Drake Passage
 Legendary for its high winds and rolling seas, you may get lucky and have surprisingly calm seas. Spend your time in the lounge or chatting with your fellow travelers. As you develop your sea legs during the crossing, our Expedition Team will begin their series of presentations to help prepare you for your upcoming Zodiac and land excursions. You officially enter Antarctica when your ship crosses the Antarctic Convergence, a biological boundary that fluctuates around 60° south.
Day 4 - Days 5 to 8 Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands
 Icebergs are the first attractions that welcome you to Antarctica. Massive floating bergs become more common as you get closer to land and you catch your first glimpse of the Peninsula, with its grand snow-covered mountains. In addition to spotting icebergs, you’ll likely spot Adélie penguins chilling out on ice floes and minke or humpback whales feeding and swimming in the frigid waters.As soon as possible, the Zodiacs will be readied for your first landing in the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. Experiencing this immense wilderness up close for the first time can be a numbing experience. The silence is great, the vastness is even greater. Thankfully the noisy locals – penguins and seals – are there to remind you that this wonderful landscape isn’t just a dream.Your Expedition Team will monitor the ice and weather conditions to determine which landing sites can be visited. With many sites to choose from, each expedition presents new opportunities for exploring the white continent by Zodiac and land. Swimming in Antarctica is perhaps the most adventurous option to tempt you, by taking a Polar Plunge in the water at Neko Harbour!A typical day in this wildlife wonderland will be spent listening to calving glaciers at Petermann Island, watching penguins waddle around a beach, or taking a hike atop a hill for a panoramic view of Port Lockroy. Whatever you prefer, the photographic opportunities are endless
Day 5 - Day 9 Disembarkation and Fly to Punta Arenas
 As the ship turns north, you’ll say goodbye to the penguins, as well as many of your shipmates. With only the Drake Passage ahead, you’ll disembark and enjoy a bit of time on King George Island before flying off to Punta Arenas, Chile. Once you’re in Punta Arenas, we’ll transfer you from the airport to your hotel, where you’re free to explore and enjoy a final dinner out.
Day 6 - Day 10 Depart for Home
 Depart for home.
Day 7 - Please note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
03-12-202512-12-2025AUD $26,395Triple Cabin
03-12-202512-12-2025AUD $30,995Veranda Suite
03-12-202512-12-2025AUD $30,995Infinity Suite
03-12-202512-12-2025AUD $40,195Superior Suite
03-12-202512-12-2025AUD $43,395Deluxe
03-12-202512-12-2025AUD $46,395Owner's Suite
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $33,995Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $35,995Grand Veranda Stateroom
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $35,995Studio Single
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $36,895Royal Veranda Stateroom
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $37,995Studio Veranda Single
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $41,295Junior Suite
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $42,895Explorer Suite
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $46,195Owners Suite
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $28,095Studio Double
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $29,695Studio Veranda Stateroom
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $31,395Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
28-12-202506-01-2026AUD $32,995Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom


    • Spot iconic Antarctic wildlife, such as penguins, seals and whales
    • Fly over the Drake Passage and experience the fastest, most direct way to Antarctica
    • Enjoy presentations on wildlife, history, glaciology & geology by our onboard polar experts
    • Cruise in a Zodiac to get water-level views of icebergs, wildlife and more