Wild Galápagos Escape

Wild Galápagos Escape

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Unique, immersive style of travel
Pack a ton of adventure into one action-packed week on these select departures, available only aboard the 48-guest National Geographic Islander. With multiple adventures each day on land and undersea—including options for walks and hikes, kayaking, paddle-boarding and snorkeling—you’ll be assured of the full National Geographic Galápagos experience, but in less time, on these shorter expeditions. As in the classic, 10-day expeditions, honed over the last 50 years, each voyage is crafted to offer you a diverse experience of the archipelago.

Encounter abundant wildlife
Blue-footed boobies. Flightless cormorants. Darwin’s finches. Pink flamingos. Sea lions on beaches or gamboling underwater. Giant tortoises grazing in the highlands. The wildlife of Galápagos is legendary for its uniqueness and lack of fear, allowing you the rare experience of being treated as an equal in the wild world. Each island contains endemic species, and you’ll have the opportunity to see a panoply of Galápagos’ creatures in their native habitats—on land and in the sea.

Every day is active and engaging
You’ll be able to snorkel nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. For those who prefer to stay dry, there’s the service of our undersea specialist, who’ll share undersea video footage with you during the cocktail hour. And each day you’ll have the option to walk, hike, kayak, or Zodiac cruise, and to join a different naturalist as you choose: there are no assigned groups.

Hotel del Parque – A guest exclusive
New for 2018! Set along the banks of the Río Daule, Hotel del Parque is housed in a lovingly restored 19th-century building nestled within the secluded haven of Parque Histórico’s lush botanical gardens. Intimate and welcoming with a gracious, golden-age aura, this elegant boutique hotel—the first in the city—makes a fitting bookend to your expedition aboard the yacht-scaled National Geographic Islander.

Travel in excellent company
Explore under the sure guidance of an expedition leader, three handpicked naturalists, including a National Geographic certified photo instructor and an undersea specialist, plus a wellness specialist. Their knowledge and passion for the islands is the key to your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Trip Name
Wild Galápagos Escape
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition Length: 49 metres Passenger Capacity: 48 guests (in 24 cabins) Built: 1982 The National Geographic Islander is a versatile 164-foot twin-hulled vessel with 24 spacious cabins comfortably accommodating 48 guests. She is a sturdy expedition ship, designed for year-round discovery and active exploration of the Galápagos and can reach places inaccessible to larger ships due to its small size. Accessibility means freedom. Our captains have decades of sailing experience in the regions we explore. They know when and where to navigate so that you feel the places we visit are all ours. Thanks to our sturdy fleet of Zodiacs and virtually untippable kayaks, you can be off the ship and out exploring within a moment’s notice. Public Areas: Ship is fully air-conditioned. Covered deck with hammocks, chairs and tables; Doctor's Office; Fitness Center; Global Market; LEXspa; Library; Lounge with full-service bar and facilities for films, slide shows and presentations; and Sky Deck. Our Ecuadorian Captain and Officers welcome guests to the Bridge in accordance with our "Open Bridge" policy. Meals: Served in single seatings with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling. Menu is international with an Ecuadorian flair. Cabins: All cabins have a window with an outside view, private facilities, and climate controls. Expedition Equipment: Hydrophone, kayaks, snorkeling gear, Splash-Cam, underwater video camera, video microscope, wet suits, and Zodiac landing craft. Special Features: Guest internet access, laundry service, LEXmarket, and Wellness Program. A ship's doctor, Undersea Specialist, and Video Chronicler are also onboard.


Day 1 - DAY 1: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Arrive in Guayaquil and transfer to the 44-room Hotel del Parque, a tranquil haven surrounded by lush gardens set in a lovingly restored 19th-century building. Additional nights at the hotel are available on request and recommended.
Day 2 - DAY 2: Guayaquil / Baltra, Galápagos / Embark
Fly this morning to Galápagos. We are welcomed by our naturalist staff and start exploring the islands. (B,L,D)
Day 3 - DAY 3-6: Galápagos Islands
Here is a sampling of the diverse islands that we visit on our itineraries. Part of the magic of any Galápagos voyage is the varied nature of the terrain, wildlife and experiences that each island offers, with each departure offering a well-considered balance. (B,L,D Daily) NORTH SEYMOUROn this wildlife-rich small island, follow trails past coastal groups of Galápagos sea lions and marine iguanas inland through a silvery forest of Palo Santo to colonies of magnificent and great frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, and other seabirds. See land iguanas clambering over rocks in search of cactus and other flowers. Look for swallow-tailed gulls, noddy terns, red-billed tropic birds and Galápagos fur seals on the rocky walls of this small island (like neighboring Baltra), created by not by lava flows geologic uplift. BARTOLOMÉClimb to the summit of this 360-foot-high volcanic wonderland of spatter and scoria cones and tuff formations, well-worth the effort for the stunning view. Later, stroll the golden sand beach below, backed by a tangle of mangroves under famous Pinnacle Rock. Here lucky swimmers and snorkelers might encounter Galápagos penguins, one of world’s rarest and the only tropical penguin species. RÁBIDALand on a red sand beach on this volcanically varied island, where we explore inland and may see migratory flamingos feeding in a brackish lagoon. Clownish brown pelicans entertain from their nests along the coast, where sea lions often play. Prepare for some magnificent sunsets. FERNANDINAIn the remote western archipelago, walk among brightly colored Sally Lightfoot crabs, and the largest and most numerous population of marine iguanas anywhere. Hike over impressive lava past tide pools where young sea lions play and the strange flightless cormorant nests. One of the most active oceanic volcanoes in the world, Fernandina is a privilege to visit: the youngest, and most pristine island in Galápagos. ISABELAToast crossing the Equator at Volcán Ecuador on Isabela, a towering island formed of six great shield volcanoes that make up 2/3 of the land area in Galápagos. Over two days, cruise, kayak and snorkel along wildly eroded formations of volcanic ash, hike along the uplifted coastline, land in the footsteps of Darwin and Melville for a hike at Tagus Cove. Fed by the upwelling of cool, nutrient-rich currents, this is a rich oceanic realm, once the haunt of whalers and pirates, and a good place to see whales, dolphins and other marine life. SANTIAGOFollow in the wake of Darwin and HMS Beagle at rugged Santiago, where we explore tide pools and look for fur seals sheltered in quiet grottos of black basalt at Puerto Egas. Swim, snorkel, kayak and paddleboard along the spectacular coast of Buccaneers Cove, a secluded atelier where pirates once careened their ships. Explore a dense coastal forest, home to Galápagos hawks and other land birds, at Playa Espumilla. SANTA CRUZSee wild tortoises roaming free in the green highlands of this central Island. Be greeted as a friend in Puerto Ayora, headquarters of both the Galápagos National Park and Charles Darwin Research Station. Tour the giant tortoise breeding corrals, a pioneering effort that has resulted in repopulation of Española and other islands. See Lonesome George, the last tortoise from Isla Pinta and a conservation icon, is at the center of the new Route of the Tortoises. The town of Puerto Ayora, lined with shops, hotels and restaurants, is connected by road across the island, and a short canal-crossing, to Baltra, the island on the north coast, home to a WWII-era U.S. Army air force base and still the primary airport. SAN CRISTOBALLand on a small, sparkling beach at Punta Pitt for a hike up to a plateau where blue- and red-footed footed boobies nest and you may see endemic Cristóbal mockingbirds and lava lizards. On this easternmost island, also explore the celebrated expanse of powdery white sand at Cerro Brujo. One of four populated islands and the capital of the province, San Cristóbal has a rich agricultural zone in the highlands and a healthy tortoise population. The town is interestingly home to the largest sea lion colony in the archipelago. ESPAÑOLASee swallow-tailed gulls, Española mockingbirds, Nazca boobies and, seasonally, the world’s only population of waved albatross at Punta Suarez, where we walk among vividly colored marine iguanas, and breeding colonies of sea lions. Optional trails lead inland across iron-laden pillow basalt to the blowhole and seabird cliffs. At Gardner Bay, explore the expanse of bright white sand and snorkel offshore islets. FLOREANAAn island of rolling hills and fresh water springs, a favorite with pirates and whalers, scientists and settlers. Follow a trail along a rose-pink lagoon across Punta Cormorant. At Champion Islet, snorkel or cruise along the shore by Zodiac. Visit Post Office Bay, where you’re invited to join the 19th-century tradition of leaving and taking letters from the barrel for hand delivery. Paddleboard and kayak along the coast at Baroness Lookout, named after the early settler and eccentric Eloise Bosquet de Wagner. Floreana is an island rich in mystery.
Day 4 - DAY 7: Disembark / Baltra / Guyaquil / Depart
This morning fly to Guayaquil and check-in at Hotel del Parque, with time to explore before a late flight tonight—or continue to Quito for an optional two-night extension. Or elect to fly home on Day 8 at no additional cost. Ask your Expedition Specialist for details. (B)
Day 5 - Please Note:
All day-by-day breakdowns are a sampling of the places we intend to visit, conditions permitting.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
28-10-202103-11-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
06-11-202112-11-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
11-11-202117-11-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
20-11-202126-11-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
25-11-202101-12-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
04-12-202110-12-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
09-12-202115-12-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $7,380Category 1
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $8,440Category 2
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $9,320Category 3
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $9,820Category 4
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $10,940Category 1 Solo
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $11,820Category 5
18-12-202124-12-2021AUD $12,440Category 2 Solo


    • Experience all Galápagos offers in just one week, with departures on Saturday and Thursday.
    • Add a two-night post-expedition extension in Quito, Ecuador.
    • Snorkel and kayak in rich waters among shimmering fish, sea turtles, penguins, and playful sea lions.
    • Walk among colonies of wildlife and seabirds unfazed by your presence.
    • Maximize your time in the islands with options every day.