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8 reasons why you should consider a river cruise for your next European holiday

When you talk with your friends about your dream holiday and where you would love to travel, we bet the words ‘European River Cruise’ rarely leave your mouth. Most people would think that type of holiday isn’t really for young people or is a boring way to experience Europe – but we’re here to tell you that’s not the truth.

There’s so much more to river cruising than just spending all day on a ship. Here’s why you should consider a river cruise in Europe

  1. Unpack once!

If the thought of lugging a suitcase on and off a bus, up and down hotel levels and un-packing and re-packing every day makes you shudder, then river cruising is the way to go. Bring your luggage on board and into your room and that’s it – leave it be, access it as you please and enjoy. That’s music to our ears.

  1. Great inclusions and options

Depending on what river cruise you do (and there are quite a few to choose from), will change what you have included. Most tours will include on board meals, drinks (both alcoholic and other) or access to drinks packages while on board, some on shore excursions and other on board activities. Those company’s that do not include this in the price always have a great range of options so you can pick and choose exactly what you pay for depending on your preferences.

  1. Countless countries on offer

There are many rivers flowing through Europe (too many to name) and so this means that a river cruise ship is not limited to just the outskirts of Europe. France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain…the list is endless.

  1. Easy access to cities

Unlike huge ocean cruise ships, a river cruise ship is much smaller in size and able to pull up in ports right in the heart of a city. This means you will get to spend more time exploring your new destination and have easier access to return to the ship as you please.

  1. Small ships with great facilities

Again, depending on the tour you choose, the type of ship will vary. But you are likely to have comfortable cabins to choose from, private bathrooms in your cabins, a bar, dining area, lounge, a sun lounge/ outdoor seating are to admire the view and sometimes even a gym! This means there are plenty of areas on board to relax, unwind and enjoy your surroundings while travelling.

  1. You’re not stuck on a coach for hours

On a traditional coach tour through Europe you can have days where you have to be up, packed and in the bus by 8am and then have anywhere up to 6 hours stuck on board the bus in your seat. On a river cruise this isn’t the case. Often you will awaken (as you please) and the ship will already be moving to your next destination, you can make your way to breakfast and relax while enjoying the view. Then the travel time is yours to do as you please (and take advantage of the great facilities mentioned above). Plus you get to experience your surroundings along the way from the open air and no dirty windows ruining your Instagram shots.

  1. The thinking is done for you

As with any organised tour a river cruise takes out the hard part for you. Where to go, what time to leave, where to stay is all taken care of. However, you still have the freedom to do as little or as much as you like while on-shore and spend as much or as little time as you please on board the ship whilst at a destination – the choice is yours.

  1. It’s not just for older people!

Think river cruising is not for young people? Think again! There are some great options for all ages, depending on your budget and the type of travel experience you want. Take U by Uniworld for example…they are revolutionizing the river cruising industry and providing a fresh approach and range of options with their river cruising range for 21-45 year old’s. You often have more fun, build better relationships and get to spend more quality time with your group when you have all the space of a ship rather than all sitting individually on a coach.

If you want to discover this great way of experiencing Europe – no matter what your age – then contact us and one of our expert consultants will be able to help you find the perfect European river cruise for you.

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