Intrepid Greece Tour

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Greece is often called the birthplace of Western civilization, including democracy, the Olympic Games and major scientific and mathematical principles. The history is still present in the capital Athens, with The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens, as one of the best known symbols of classical Greece. But it wasn’t this that drew me to […]

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The Maria Island Walk

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Maria Island, more beautiful than ever. Welcome to one of the world’s great walks. Set on Maria Island, a world heritage listed national park just off the east coast of Tasmania, this gentle four day guided walk combines rare Tasmanian wildlife, spectacular scenery, and fascinating history. Is there a better place on earth to spend four […]

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The Galapagos Islands: the alternative safari

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  It’s no secret that the Galapagos Islands play host to some of the world’s most fascinating, mesmerising and downright peculiar critters. And whether they inhabit land, air or sea, these animals serve up some of our planet’s best opportunities to get up close and personal with wildlife. In fact, the level of interaction may […]

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Gourmet South America – Free Morning Tea

Peregrine Travel Centre Adelaide are hosting a free morning tea with Jill from Gourmet South America.  Whether you’re a traveller looking to experience all the highlights of South America and enjoy good food along the way or a self-confessed gourmand wanting to fully immerse yourself in the South American food scene, Gourmet South America get […]

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5 things to look for in the perfect travel partner

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Travelling with a loved one, whether that person is a friend or partner, spouse or family member, is often the greatest way to see the world. You have someone to share the journey with, to watch your back, to halve your worries, to laugh, to (maybe) cry, to share a sundowner and ultimately, come home […]

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Ride the rainbow: five of South America’s most colourful destinations

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You’d need a pretty extensive colour wheel to capture the full spectrum of South America. The continent tends to manifest its passion and bravado in visible ways.  There’s that flash of Quechua pink and purple in Peru, a swirl of Argentine crimson or the eye-popping glitter of Rio’s Carnival. And it’s not just the people […]

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Africa Travel Tours & Safaris

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Africa Travel Tours & Safaris A holiday to Africa is not something you do every day. Where do you start? The continent is so large – how do you decide where to go! We’re here to help take the stress out of planning your Africa Adventure holiday. Our in-house specialist, Bronny Tudor, has taken a […]

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Monica Taiwan 2015

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In March 2015 I completed the 9 day Peregrine Adventures “Treasures of Taiwan”, which is both a new destination (for me) and a new tour this year. Taiwan was full of surprises; wonderful food and night markets, mountainous countryside, numerous walking trails, quirky accommodation, hands on craft and local industry, Confucius temples, tea plantations, busy […]

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Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Client Feedback

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ANZAC Day 2015 will always hold special meaning for me, as on that day I was trekking high in the Everest region of the Himalayas when The Earthquake struck. We were out on the trail when the whole mountain range started to shake and roll like a rag doll. It was both an awesome display […]

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Cathy visits Africa 2015

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2 years is a long time, but some things never change. And that is exactly how I sum up my recent sojourn in southern Africa. In March 2013 I travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana, specifically Victoria Falls and Chobe national park, and in April 2015 I travelled back. I stayed at the same accommodation and […]

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Nepal Travel Guide

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For some 40 years, Nepal has been a true traveller’s destination and today offers a chance to step away from the modern world in a way that few destinations can. Peregrine Travel Centre has been sending clients to Nepal for 30 years. Owner, Geoff Simpson, has visited 6 times and trekked to Everest Base Camp […]

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Bronny visits Africa 2014

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Bronny Africa 2014 I have the privilege of having the most amazing and humbling  problem………..I can’t remember if my last trip to Africa in January this year was my 17th or 18th visit ………yep, that’s a pretty BIG problem to have – hmmm!  What a lucky person I’ve been to have so many experiences on […]

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