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10 things to know about the Silk Road

Have you heard about the Silk Road but are still not entirely sure what or where it is? We’ve put together 10 introductory facts for you to get to know this historic route a little better.

  1. It was originally a trade route that went from China, through India, Persia, Egypt and Arabia and ended in Eastern Europe (passing through Greece, Italy and Britain)
  2. The route is 7000 kilometres long
  3. It got its name from the primary product traded along the route – silk cloth from China
  4. Other popular items traded along the route were paper, gunpowder and spices
  5. Tradespeople travelled the route in large caravans pulled by horses and often also by camel, as most of the road was a dry and harsh environment.
  6. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  7. There are many different routes making up the Silk Road, some that are shorter but harder, others that take longer but are safer
  8. There are over 30 historical sites along the way for travellers to explore including, temples, ancient ruins, markets, museums and Buddhist and Islamic sites
  9. As well as trade, the Silk Road was considered a ‘Cultural Bridge’ as it encouraged locals from China, Eastern Europe and towns along the way to collaborate and interact and share their cultural beliefs and traditions
  10. The best times to travel the Silk Road are May and October, but depending on where you want to visit there are other suitable times

Dunhuang, China, located along the Silk Road













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