Morocco Retreat: Ouirgane

Morocco Retreat: Ouirgane

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The calm and comforts of Amazigh (Berber) hospitality await on this four-day Intrepid Retreats experience to Ouirgage, on the green edges of the Mt Toubkal National Park. Leave the modern world of Marrakech behind and journey to a home awayfrom home where olive trees and mountains make your backdrop. Surround yourself with the flavours and scents of this wild part of the country, hike the hills through small villages and farms, hang out with the locals, try your hand at making some iconic local dishes and, most importantly, take the time to sit back, relax, and reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

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Morocco Retreat: Ouirgane
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  • Tap into the nomadic spirit of the Imazighen (Berbers) with a hike through the red earth hills and green-dotted valleys of a place that feels beyond the reach of the modern world.
  • Break bread with a local Imazighen family in their village, and get an insight into daily life in the High Atlas region.
  • Learn the secrets behind tea, tanorte and tagine with a cooking demonstration and, best of all, feast on the delicious dishes for lunch.
  • Enjoy the comfort of your locally owned, unpack-once accommodation, where you’ll experience traditional Amazigh (Berber) hospitality and the small touches that make all the difference.


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Day 1 - Marrakech / Ouirgane
Start your Retreat with a welcome meeting at 11 am this morning, followed by the journey from the city to your accommodation in Ouirgane (approximately 1.5 hours). Welcome to the serene foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. Ouirgane is a place of peace and calm and a welcome escape from the bustling chaos of Marrakech city life. Settle into your own oasis for the next few nights. Your retreat is a locally owned, traditional Amazigh (Berber) guest house, built in the time-honoured style and full of character and the small touches that make all the difference. This truly is a home from home, and the bar, reading room, rose bush-surrounded swimming pool, and backdrop of olive trees and mountains will make it hard to even leave to explore. There will be a traditional, delicious dinner at the guesthouse, when the smells of lamb tagine, homemade bread and oranges with cinnamon fill the air.
Day 2 - High Atlas Mountains / Ouirgane
Get your energy up at breakfast this morning reading for a half-day hike in the beautiful landscape of the High Atlas Mountains (approximately 3 hours). Explore the surrounds that feel beyond the reach of the modern world. The red earth hills and valleys are dotted with green pines and terraced farmland of almonds, cherry and apple trees. You’ll navigate boulders and crags, running streams, and pass through traditional Amazigh villages on the way, waving to the villagers as they go about their daily lives. Learn more about local life here as you finish your hike with lunch shared with a local Imazighen family (Berber people). Rest your legs back at the guesthouse with an afternoon to relax and soak up the atmosphere and the view of lake and mountains before another delectable dinner.
Day 3 - Ouirgane
After breakfast this morning you’ll get a chance to learn the secrets behind the delicious dishes you’ve been feasting on the last couple of days. Join in with a cooking class at the guesthouse and get a demonstration of how to make Morocco’s signature tea, using mint grown right here in the garden. Then, because bread baking is a key part of Amazigh life, learn how they work the dough to make a special type of bread called Tanorte. If that wasn’t delicious enough, get the inside info behind the iconic dish of the Imazighen, and Morocco as a whole – the tagine. Learn all the secret spices and techniques as it’s cooked outside over a wood fire. Then comes the best part – eating everything you’ve helped make for lunch. The rest of the afternoon is free, maybe join one of the optional activities detailed below, or snooze off you lunch by the pool in the shade of the trees.
Day 4 - Ouirgane / Marrakech
Make the most of the guesthouse surrounds during your final breakfast, before you depart for Marrakech. On your way back, your Tour Leader will lecture you about an Intrepid Foundation-backed project – which your trip helps support – called Education For All, which helps girls from remote villages in this region access an education.

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