River Island 8 Day Cruise – Silghat to Dibrugarh

River Island 8 Day Cruise – Silghat to Dibrugarh

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Embark on an extraordinary 8-day river cruise through Assam, India, filled with remarkable wildlife encounters and cultural experiences. Starting at Silghat near Kaziranga National Park, the cruise takes you on an early morning jeep safari to witness the incredible biodiversity of the park, home to Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tigers, and diverse bird species. Cruising upstream, you’ll have the chance to spot Gangetic dolphins and experience the tranquility of riverside villages. Discover Majuli Island, an enchanting hub of Assamese culture, with its unique neo-Vaishnavism monasteries and dance performances. Explore a tea estate in Jorhat and delve into the fascinating history of the Ahom kings in Sibsagar. Concluding the journey, depart from either Dibrugarh or Jorhat airport, filled with memories of a remarkable river expedition that showcases the rich natural and cultural heritage of Assam.

Trip Name
River Island 8 Day Cruise - Silghat to Dibrugarh
Vessel Type: River Boat Length: 44.5 metres Passenger Capacity: 18 cabins Built: 2019 ABN Charaidew II is our latest ship to join the fleet. Her length is 44.50 m and breadth is 11.00 m and she is powered by 2 engines. Her extra-shallow draught and a lower profile than conventional designs allow her to cruise faster. ABN Charaidew II has 18 cabins in total: 2 spacious deluxe cabins (350 sq. feet) and 12 spacious twin/double cabins (240 sq. feet.) are on the upper deck while 4 cabins with queen size bed (170 sq. feet) are on the main deck for which we charge no supplement. The decor reflects a sense of homecoming to Assam, with touches of colonial elegance, brought to life by traditional Assamese designs on hand-woven cotton fabrics. All standard cabins on ABN Charaidew II have French balconies, while the two deluxe cabins have a private balcony. There is a comfortable saloon and bar, dining room, a big open sundeck, gym, and a small spa onboard which offers a wide range of treatments. ONBOARD FEATURES Spacious cabins with individual climate control En suite shower/WC with Biotique toiletries Generous cupboard space and under-bed storage Hair drier in each cabin Minibar in each cabin In-room electronic safe Tea/coffee making facilities in cabins Intercommunication telephone in cabins High quality bathrobes and slippers in cabins Large sliding glass windows offering panoramic views of the river Vast sundeck both open and shaded, with sofas and sun loungers Spacious air-conditioned saloon Mini library Spa with choice of treatments In-house gym SERVICES Shore excursion program including all admissions Services of in-house guide and naturalist during excursions and onboard Cold towel service after excursions Welcome drink after excursions Shoe-cleaning after excursions Turndown service in all cabins Expertly trained culinary staff Single seating for buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner Acclaimed combination of Indian and Western cuisines Wide choice of wines, spirits and beer Complimentary tea, coffee and packaged water throughout Welcome reception Farewell reception Local on-board dance & song performances 24/7 power backup Wi-Fi internet in the saloon, sundeck; dining hall (subject to network availability) during the day time.


Day 1 - DAY 1 Jorhat
​Arrive at Jorhat airport and drive 2 ½ hrs to Silghat, a picturesque beach below jungle-covered hills and close to Kaziranga National Park. Alternatively, arrive at Guwahati airport and drive 4 ½ hrs to Silghat.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Kaziranga National Park
After an early breakfast, you’ll be driven to Kaziranga’s Central Range for a morning jeep safari. Covering an area of approximately 430 sq kms, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park is home to the world’s largest population of the Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros as well as the Indian Wild Water Buffalo. It has also earned the distinction of having the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers (one every five sq. km.), making this park an incredibly rich biodiversity hotspot. With its marshy swamps and thickets of elephant grass, the park supports large populations of Indian elephants, Indian bison, swamp deer, and Capped Langurs. ​Kaziranga National Park frequently draws comparisons to the Serengeti in Africa due to the park's abundance of wildlife and birds and is considered a birding paradise. Bird species found here include the Oriental Honey Buzzard, Black-shouldered Kite, White-tailed Eagle, Himalayan Griffon and many more. Returning to the ship, you’ll cruise upstream with Kaziranga National Park on the right bank to anchor for the night at Vishnath.
Day 3 - DAY 3 Vishnath
​This morning you’ll visit Vishnath, known for its Ahom-period Shiva temple. Walk through the town before reboarding and setting off again, with Kaziranga still on the far bank. Keep an eye out for wild elephants which have been spotted, and once, memorably, a tiger. A leisurely afternoon of cruising down the river offers a good chance of spotting the endangered Gangetic dolphin, as well as observing life in the bankside villages as we pass. Arrive in the evening at Dhansiri Mukh.
Day 4 - DAY 4 Kaziranga National Park
​This morning, you’ll dock and take a jeep safari to Kaziranga’s little-visited Eastern Range, with grasslands much favoured by rhinos where you might also spot the rare Bengal Florican. Return to the boat and continue your cruise upstream.
Day 5 - DAY 5 Cruising Day
​Today brings another opportunity to watch life unfold on the riverbanks as you cruise upstream. The languid pace of life onboard the boat offers a rare opportunity to sit and watch the world slip by, chat with fellow guests, or catch up on your reading. You’ll have time to stretch your legs with a walk through a bankside village, gaining an insight into life in rural India.
Day 6 - DAY 6 Majuli Island
​You should reach Majuli Island around breakfast time. One of the world’s largest river islands and a microcosm of Assamese culture, Majuli is much-photographed but little-visited. It is a stronghold of the peaceful religion of neo-Vaishnavism and the elegant island satras — some for celibate monks, some for families — showcase a unique way of life where the faithful live simply, offering worship through gayan-bayan (songs and musical instruments) and readings. You’ll visit a monastery at Auniati with its eclectic museum, then attend a dance performance at Kamalabari monastery before cruising across to Neamati Ghat on the opposite bank. In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a nearby village.​
Day 7 - DAY 7 Jorhat
​Today you’ll visit a tea estate in Jorhat, and observe the journey from tea bush to cup. (Please note that the factory is inoperative between December and mid-March.) Later, you’ll be driven to Sibsagar, the one-time capital of the Ahom kings of Assam. Shan by origin but converts to Hinduism, the Ahoms ruled Assam for some 700 years until the 1820s. Their culture and architecture is a unique and intriguing amalgam of India and Southeast Asia. You’ll see temples with stupa-like profiles and palaces of distinctive form. The temple tank here is believed to be the world’s largest hand-excavated reservoir and quite the feat of engineering, as you’ll see. Return to your ship, which will have cruised up to Neamati Ghat, close to Jorhat.
Day 8 - DAY 8 Dibrugarh
​This morning, you’ll be driven to Dibrugarh airport, a journey of around 4 ½ hours, passing through this typical colonial town and a major base for American flights over 'The Hump' to China in WWII. Alternatively, there’s the option of a 1 ½ hour drive to Jorhat airport.
Day 9 - Please Note:
This itinerary, including the cruise and approximate driving durations, is subject to river and weather conditions.​ Kaziranga National Park comprises low-lying grassland, which may not be visitable when the river is at or near flood level.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
04-11-202311-11-2023USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
04-11-202311-11-2023USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
04-11-202311-11-2023USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
02-12-202309-12-2023USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
02-12-202309-12-2023USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
02-12-202309-12-2023USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
30-12-202306-01-2024USD $2,520MAIN DECK CABIN
30-12-202306-01-2024USD $3,080UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
30-12-202306-01-2024USD $3,395UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
27-01-202403-02-2024USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
27-01-202403-02-2024USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
27-01-202403-02-2024USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
24-02-202402-03-2024USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
24-02-202402-03-2024USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
24-02-202402-03-2024USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
23-03-202430-03-2024USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
23-03-202430-03-2024USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
23-03-202430-03-2024USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
16-04-202423-04-2024USD $2,520MAIN DECK CABIN
16-04-202423-04-2024USD $3,080UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
16-04-202423-04-2024USD $3,395UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
02-11-202409-11-2024USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
02-11-202409-11-2024USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
02-11-202409-11-2024USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
30-11-202407-12-2024USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
30-11-202407-12-2024USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
30-11-202407-12-2024USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
28-12-202404-01-2025USD $2,520MAIN DECK CABIN
28-12-202404-01-2025USD $3,080UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
28-12-202404-01-2025USD $3,395UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
25-01-202501-02-2025USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
25-01-202501-02-2025USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
25-01-202501-02-2025USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
22-02-202501-03-2025USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
22-02-202501-03-2025USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
22-02-202501-03-2025USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
22-03-202529-03-2025USD $3,360MAIN DECK CABIN
22-03-202529-03-2025USD $3,920UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
22-03-202529-03-2025USD $4,270UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE
15-04-202522-04-2025USD $2,520MAIN DECK CABIN
15-04-202522-04-2025USD $3,080UPPER DECK TWIN/DOUBLE
15-04-202522-04-2025USD $3,395UPPER DECK DELUXE DOUBLE


    • Unforgettable Wildlife Safari: Embark on thrilling jeep safaris in Kaziranga National Park, home to the majestic Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tigers, and a diverse array of wildlife. This UNESCO World Heritage Site promises an incredible encounter with nature's finest.
    • Riverside Village Life: Experience the charm of rural India as you cruise upstream, observing the languid pace of life along the riverbanks. Engage with locals, gain insight into their daily routines, and savor the tranquility of the picturesque villages.
    • Majestic Majuli Island: Visit one of the world's largest river islands, Majuli, and immerse yourself in Assamese culture. Explore the elegant island satras, showcasing a unique way of life centered around neo-Vaishnavism, and witness traditional dance performances that capture the spirit of the region.
    • Discover Assam's Heritage: Delve into the history and architecture of the Ahom kings in Sibsagar, admiring temples with stupa-like profiles and impressive palaces. Explore a tea estate in Jorhat, witnessing the journey from tea bush to cup, and learn about Assam's colonial past in this fascinating region of India.