Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure

Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure

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You don’t get a name like the Red Centre by accident – from the shifting shades of Uluru at sunrise and sunset to the otherworldly rust-coloured formations of Kata Tjuta, the spectacular colour palette of Australia’s heart has to be seen to be believed. Marvel at Uluru, Australia’s most sacred site, and learn about the importance of the area to Australia’s Anangu people. The Valley of the Winds walk will reveal unrivalled views of Kata Tjuta, and a hike through the soaring cliffs and tranquil gardens of Kings Canyon will show off striking scenery at every step. In four days, uncover landscapes that will stick with you for a lifetime.

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Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure
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  • Marvel at the ever-changing colours of Uluru, Australia’s most spiritually significant site, as you view the epic sandstone monolith at both sunrise and sunset.
  • Travel to the edge of Watarrka National Park to meet with local First Nations guides and learn about the food, art, medicine and languages of the Luritja peoples.
  • Embark on the Valley of the Winds walk, stopping off at several lookout points to take in unforgettable views of Kata Tjuta, a towering collection of 36 domed rock formations.
  • Venture to Kings Canyon, home to some of the country’s most magnificent scenery, where you’ll set off on a walk past soaring cliffs, sandstone domes and tranquil gardens.


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Day 1 - Yulara / Kings Canyon
Welcome to Australia’s Red Centre! Your adventure kicks off in Yulara – set in the heart of the outback, this tiny town is your gateway to the wonders of Uluru and Kings Canyon. Meet your fellow travellers and local leader for a 1:30pm meeting. Then it’s time to head to Kings Canyon (approximately 4 hours). Settle into camp on arrival, then get to know your leader during a welcome meeting, and a 'Welcome to Country' ceremony honouring the Luritja people. Later enjoy an included dinner around the campfire under the starlit sky.
Day 2 - Kings Canyon / Uluru / Yulara
After breakfast this morning, head out to soak in the remarkable scenery of Kings Canyon (Watarrka) during a walk around the rim (approximately 3-4 hours). With soaring cliffs and ethereal rock formations, you’d be hard pressed to find a more magical place. Climb to the top of the canyon and take in unrivalled views before descending through the Lost City, a series of natural sandstone domes resembling ancient ruins, the remnants of eons of weathering. Continue down to the Garden of Eden, named for its lush greenery that stands in contrast to the rest of the arid landscape. After your walk, travel to the edge of Watarrka National Park to learn more about the First Nations culture of the region. Meet with local guides who will provide insight into the food, art, medicine and languages of the Luritja peoples, leaving you with a greater understanding of their way of life. Return to Yulara, then make your way to Australia’s most spiritually significant and iconic site, Uluru. From a prime viewing location, enjoy the view as the sun sets over the epic sandstone monolith – watching the incredible landscape shift in colour is a sight you won’t soon forget! This evening, tuck into an included barbecue dinner, and if weather permits you can then swap stories around a campfire under the stars.
Day 3 - Kata Tjuta / Uluru / Yulara
This morning, head out to Kata Tjuta (also known as 'The Olgas'), a towering collection of 36 domed rock formations – these rust-coloured beauties are truly one of Australia’s most impressive sights! The best way to explore the otherworldly landscape is on foot, so set off on the Valley of the Winds walk, stopping off at several awe-inspiring lookout points along the way. The walk can be a bit steep with loose rocks on the paths in places so sturdy footwear is a must. Return to Uluru and join an Anangu guide for a walk to the beautiful Mutitjulu Waterhole at the base of rock. Your guide will explain what makes this waterhole sacred while sharing stories of the incredible landscape and its connection to the Anangu people. Afterwards, stop by the cultural centre to learn about the spiritual and cultural importance of Uluru and its surrounds. This evening you’ll have the option to visit the Field of Light, an enormous art installation that illuminates the landscape with 50,000 stems of light.
Day 4 - Uluru / Yulara
Start the day early in one of the best ways imaginable – watching a spectacular sunrise over Uluru. Set off on the 10km walk around the base of Uluru with your local leader as the sun climbs over the landscape. Your adventure comes to an end after breakfast this morning.

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Permanent furnished tented camp (with shared facilities) (3 nights)


Private vehicle