Fall of the Berlin Wall – Limited Edition

Fall of the Berlin Wall – Limited Edition

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2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and this trip is an opportunity to not only discover the context of this turbulent time in European history, but also celebrate hope with those whose lives have been most affected. Begin and end in Berlin, where you’ll tour Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Memorial and take part in official celebrations on the day the wall fell. Travel to Gdansk, where a spirited resistance to communism ushered in the fall of the Soviet Union, and Prague, where a mass exodus of East Germans sought refuge. Along with a fascinating insight into the sobering events of this period, you’ll also be immersed in the food and culture of these cities that have become modern metropolises, some, like Dresden, rebuilt from ashes.

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Fall of the Berlin Wall - Limited Edition
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  • Take part in 30th anniversary of Berlin Wall Fall.
  • This trip takes you to places that shaped today’s Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Learn how Germans, but also Poles and Czech people fought their way to freedom from communist terror.
  • Discover Gdansk, the birthplace of Polish solidarity movement, and the city that triggered the fall of communism in Europe.
  • Explore Prague and learn how communism changed the most important industry in Czech Republic (beer, of course).
  • Visit the German Embassy in Prague, the place where the mass exodus from East Germany started.
  • Learn about everyday life in East Germany during your visit to Dresden.


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