Mexico City Stopover

Mexico City Stopover

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Navigate your way through Mexico’s enormous and vivacious capital on this jam-packed Short Break Adventure. Set out on a city tour and become privy to the history surrounding the stunning sights of one of the biggest cities in the Americas, then wander the stalls of Mercado de San Juan and be overwhelmed by the incredible array of produce on display. Venture out of the city and experience the incredible Aztec ruins of Teotihuacan with a knowledgeable local guide, then be welcomed into a family home to share some authentic dishes bursting with local flavours. In spare time, simply chill out with a tequila or two, and let this city’s ambience overtake you.

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Mexico City Stopover
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  • Let your expert guide bring 700 years of history back to life as you uncover little-known facts and hidden hotspots, from Aztecs to art, in one of the biggest cities in the Americas.
  • Visit iconic sites like the Templo Mayor and the Metropolitan Cathedral – the biggest cathedral on the continent – and see one of Diego Rivera's most famous murals at Museo Mural.
  • Head out of Mexico City to learn about Teotihuacan culture, from pre-Hispanic pyramids through to modern handicrafts.
  • Explore local towns and visit two independent, family-run businesses where you can pick up authentic, locally made (or grown) souvenirs such as tequila, candy and cacti.
  • Wrap up your Mexican Adventure with a delicious dinner in a Mexican family home, with food straight from organic farms and cooked with local flavours and a whole-lotta-love!


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Day 1 - Mexico City
Bienvenidos! Welcome to Mexico City. Check-in to your hotel where a welcome pack will be waiting for you. This will include all the information you need for your Short Break Adventure. If you have free time today, then why not venture into the streets and check out this incredible city! Modern meets ancient in Mexico City – one of the world's largest urban centres. Although crowded and smoggy, D.F. (Distrito Federal) offers a great variety of impressive museums, galleries and architecture, along with exciting night life and delicious street food. Why not head to the Zocalo, the city's huge central square, to see Aztec ruins and colonial architecture or relax in one of the many parks, plazas and gardens.
Day 2 - Mexico City
Your Intrepid Urban Adventures guide will pick you up from your hotel at 8.45 am this morning before making your way to pick up the rest of your travel companions for an epic day of exploration through Mexico’s incredible capital. Let your expert guide bring 700 years of history back to life as you uncover little-known facts and hidden hotspots, from Aztecs to art, in one of the biggest cities in the Americas. Head into the heart of Mexico City, the Plaza de la Constitucion, and hear about the remains of an ancient city located under the modern metropolis. Visit iconic sites like the Templo Mayor and the Metropolitan Cathedral – the biggest cathedral on the continent – and see one of Diego Rivera's most famous murals at Museo Mural. Head to the fresh food stalls at Mercado San Juan and shop for snacks and specialities, before concluding you tour at the Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes) at around 4 pm, where you can indulge in a local dessert and coffee to conclude an awesome day of adventure.
Day 3 - Mexico City
Today your Intrepid Urban Adventures guide will pick you up from your hotel at 10 am before taking you to check out the Basilica de Guadalupe, a national shrine of Mexico. Afterwards, pick up the rest of your travel mates for today and head out of town by public transport, experiencing how locals move about this crowded city! Hop off at the archaeological area of the Teotihuacan pyramids and explore the grounds. Visit the Moon Pyramid, the Calzada de los Muertos (Dead Pass), and the 63-metre-high Sun Pyramid, which is the tallest and most spectacular in the area. Next, head to a nearby village and stop by a family-run business where you’ll learn about ‘obsidian’, the material that the Teotihuacan people use to make their tools, idols, and decorations. You’ll also get to sip an ancient sacred drink called ‘pulque’, considered by some to be the great-grandfather of tequila! After working up an appetite, be welcomed into a family home for a memorable dinner where you’ll be served authentic dishes bursting with local flavours and plenty of Mexican hospitality! After dinner, head back to Mexico City, arriving at about 9.30 pm.
Day 4 - Mexico City
There are no activities planned for the final day.

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