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Top 6 Family Friendly Destinations

If you’re fortunate to go travelling as a family, it can provide you with life long memories and stories that you will share for a lifetime. Whether it is caravanning around Australia, spending your summers by the beach or heading off on an adventure overseas – all are fabulous ways to make memories and share special times with your loved ones.

The idea of planning a holiday with kids and heading off with four or more suitcases in tow may seem frightening, but whether you choose to join a family friendly tour or put together a private tailor made itinerary, it can be relatively stress free. To help with your planning we have put together six of our favourite family friendly destinations around the world – it was a struggle to narrow it down, because there are so many places that are great for families – and we’ve included some great Intrepid Family focused tours to go along with them.

United States of America

The Princess Castle in Disneyland, California. Photo by our team member Adriana.

Disneyland. Need we say more?! It’s the ultimate experience for kids and big kids alike, no matter your age we promise you’ll walk through the gates, take one look at the Disney castle and see Mickey Mouse and your inner child will magically appear! Whether it’s Disneyland in California or Disney World in Orlando, a visit will leave you smiling for years to come. Of course, there is also Universal Studios, The Kennedy Space Centre, New York City, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and so much more for families to enjoy.


Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam. Photo by iStock.

South East Asia is a great option for families wanting to enjoy a shorter family holiday a little closer to home. There are a variety of incredible destinations to visit here and Vietnam is one of our favourites. If you’re after some active adventures to have with the kids there are some options for cycling and kayaking in Vietnam. The locals are friendly, there’s some delicious food on offer and it is simply a beautiful destination to visit.

Intrepid have a great range of family holidays on offer, including one specifically for solo parents:

Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka. Photo by our client Pat from our private group tour.

This relatively close to home destination has become quite the popular travel destination in recent times, and for good reason! This island is home to some unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and some amazing temples and fortresses. Sri Lanka is educational, offers a lot of unique cultural experiences and has a range of active activities or a leisurely paced option depending on what you are after.

We can offer our advice to put together a tailor made family holiday in Sri Lanka or Intrepid have a wonderful 12-day Sri Lanka Family Holiday itinerary that fits in all of the highlights.


The Colosseum. Photo by our team member Adriana

Delicious food to taste, a new language to learn and some historic and ancient sites to see…a family holiday in Italy can be fun, educational and a great way to spend some quality family time together. Explore the ancient ruins in Rome and visit the Vatican, do a cooking class in Florence and stay in a countryside villa, relax on the beach in Capri and cruise the canals of Venice – now doesn’t that just sound perfect?

We can help you put together a tailored itinerary to experience the very best of Italy. Intrepid also have an 8 day Northern Italy Family Holiday and an 8 day Italy Family Holiday.


Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by iStock.

Home to sumo wrestling, samurai swords, Geisha, bamboo forests, sushi and of course Lego Land – Japan is an iconic cultural experience and a fabulous family holiday destination. Depending on the time of year you visit you could hit the slopes and improve on your skiing skills or admire the breathtaking cherry blossoms that line the country. A visit to Hiroshima will give you an insight into Japan’s history and you can also visit some of Japan’s finest temples in Kyoto. The kids will be in awe at the lights and technological focus in Tokyo and parents can relax in the hot-spring baths in Hakone.

We can put together a memorable family holiday for you to Japan, including some unique experiences along the way. Intrepid also have a 12-day Japan Family Holiday that explores the highlights of the destination.


On safari in Africa. Photo by our team member Bronny.

Africa has so much to offer travellers of all ages. See incredible wildlife up close, meet local people and learn about a different culture and how people live in that part of the world. It’s a destination we love and one that people come home from with amazing memories. It is also a fairly easy destination to travel to as a family, whether it’s a safari through Tanzania or a trip to Morocco there are plenty of options.

Intrepid have a fantastic range of family tours through Africa:

As you can see the family holiday options are endless and we can help you put together the perfect family adventure based on your budget, travel preferences and interests of each member of your family. Contact our team of experienced consultants to find out more about family travel. You can search the full range of Intrepid Family Trips on our website.

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